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Athletic Mouth Guards

Whether you are a pee-wee playing pop-warner football, a high school or collegiate athlete, a weekend warrior, or a professional hockey player, injuries are a fact of life in sports. Unlike a sprained ankle or broken finger, however, most injuries to the face and mouth can be easily prevented by wearing a properly fitted athletic mouth guard. These mouth guards protect not only your teeth, lips, and tongue, but if fitted correctly, new research indicates that they can reduce the severity of concussions. You may expect to be required to wear a mouth guard in contact sports such as football, boxing, hockey, and lacrosse, but the American Dental Association recommends wearing one for most non-contact sports and activities as well. We offer two options for custom-fit mouthguards:

  • ProForm Mouth Guards – these mouth guards are designed for both amateurs and professionals because they offer the best comfort, fit, and protection without interfering with speech or breathing. They are made in our office from custom molds of your teeth. We are the official provider of ProForm mouth guards for the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team.
  • Under Armour Mouth Guards – In addition to reducing the impact on your jaw like traditional mouth guards, these unique mouth guards are designed to enhance performance, strength, and endurance. They do this by keeping airways open, resulting in less lactic acid build-up, and preventing clenching, which triggers the release of cortisol. Excess cortisol causes stress and fatigue, impacting your reaction times and endurance on the field. Custom molds of your teeth are made in our office and sent out to the Under Armour lab, where your mouth guard is made. Arch City Dental is an authorized Under Armour provider.


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